​"Nogyo Joshi Fair" in Hong Kong  is finally decided.

“ Kakibuchi farm ” 在香港終於決定了

The town of Minabe in Wakayama is selected as a globally important agricultural heritage system.

In Minabe (Wakayama, Japan), plum trees fully cover slopes of mountains. With the shining sun, the sight of those plum groves is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Japan.Within those splendid nature in Minabe, we are growing our plums called as "Nanko-Ume" with our love and sincerity.Now we are very happy to deliver our rich flavoured fruits which are truly handmade and organic "Nanko-Ume"


香港そごう 銅鑼湾(Causeway Bay)


イオンスタイル コーンヒル(Kornhill)


Our hand made Ume-Syrup and Ume-Jam will be on sale from January 11th to 15th in Hong Kong.
We are looking forward to see you in SOGO Causeway Bay.

If you have interest on reselling our goods or holding cooking class with us in Hong Kong, please contact us from here.

Now,we are offering variety of goods using our plums.

which are produced by Hiroko Kakibuchi.

​The manager of our farms,are the cooking expert.



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